We have full and part-time spaces available in Nursery. To book a tour of our lovely school, please contact the school office on 02476 392318.


At Nursery Hill Primary School, we provide an excellent foundation on which every child can learn and develop their skills in a caring, secure and stimulating environment. We want the children to feel happy and valued in our Nursery setting and ensure that they are given an equal opportunity to learn through high quality teaching and play based activities. We focus on settling our children into our setting so that they become confident learners who are ready for school life. We will do this by providing a welcoming, happy, safe and supportive environment in which everyone is known and valued and all achievements are celebrated.

Our Aims: 

  • To create a nurturing and warm environment where each child’s needs are met so that they become confident and independent learners.  
  • To ensure that each child has a passion for learning by providing activities that promote curiosity and encourage the children to explore independently.  
  • To work in partnership with parents, giving them regular updates on their child’s learning and to encourage learning to happen both in school and at home.  
  • To encourage the children to articulate their thoughts and feelings through high quality discussions and to provide them with an opportunity to develop their language skills so they are able to communicate effectively with others.   
  • To plan a broad curriculum that will build on the pupils’ interests and that will develop the children’s understanding of the world. 
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle which will support our children’s physical development and encourage them to have a clear understanding of how they can look after themselves. 


Advice for Parents: 

  1. Bring your child for a visit before they start:  The biggest worry for many young children is that something is 'new'. By bringing your child with you on a visit, allowing them to see other happy children playing and interacting with toys that previously they may not have seen or played with, will give your child with a sense of curiosity.   
  2. Talk to our staff:  We will give you an opportunity to meet with our school staff. During this meeting we would like to find out about your child and will ask questions which will help us to settle your child into our Nursery quickly and comfortably.  
  3. Be positive about the whole experience:  Always talk about nursery in positive terms to your child.  Make it sound exciting, vibrant, energetic and fun filled.  Smile a lot when you talk about it.  Reading a book about nursery to them before bed is a good idea, as is taking time to walk past a nursery on a walk and point out the children having fun and doing exciting things.  The most difficult time to remain positive is when you have to leave your child on the first day. When you leave, smile and be positive and your child will feel secure to explore our setting independently.  
  4. Dress them in simple clothes: Too many zips and buttons, laces on shoes, tights can be a real problem for children, especially those who are recently toilet trained.  A child likes their independence, so give them every chance to enjoy this new found freedom by dressing them in clothes that are easy for them to handle and put on themselves with the minimum of assistance. 
  5. Speak with other parents:  You are likely to see other parents on the playground when you take and collect your child from nursery. Chat to parents and make new friends, particularly with the parents of children whom your child is friends with. This way bonds that are created in school can lead to children becoming friends out of school too, increasing their social skills and creating friendships that will last throughout school and beyond.  

Here are some important documents for you to read.