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If you have any questions related to English or learning in general that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Preece.

At Nursery Hill, our intent is to instil a love and passion for reading and writing in every child. We want the children to flourish by giving them access to a rich English curriculum, as we recognise the importance of nurturing a culture where children love to read, take pride in their writing, and can clearly and accurately adapt their language and style for a range of contexts.
Our aim is to give the children opportunities to write across a range of genres and for different audiences and purposes, and to read a variety of books from different authors and topics. We want to inspire children to be confident in the art of speaking and listening and to be able to use discussion to communicate and further their learning.
In our school, English is to be the foundation for every subject in our curriculum, and the skills that children develop in their English lessons are to be transferred across the whole curriculum.