Science is one of the core traditional subjects we teach at Nursery Hill Primary School, along with English and Maths.


Children revel in the opportunity to be hands-on and find things out for themselves. It is an exciting, practical subject and often teachers and pupils find it a positive experience to learn about science like this! 

Long Term Science Plan

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Science Overviews - Autumn - 2021

Science Overviews - Spring - 2022

Science Overviews - Summer - 2022

Nursery Hill Primary School has achieved the PSQM Silver award for Science. The panel concurred with Mrs Makey's assessment that our involvement in PSQM has ensured we have continued to develop Science in school and that new staff have the same understanding of how Science should be taught.


Our values have been shared and continue to be embedded throughout science days and topic lessons.  ​


"In the end all the key facets came together and demonstrated that you have indeed made good impact across the whole school and are worthy of PSQM silver level."


​Well done to Mrs Makey and the team!

Useful Websites

The following websites have lots of information about how science is taught in school as well as games that you can play with your child to help them learn while having fun.

Local Libraries

A visit to the local library is a great way to spend quality time with your child and inspire a love of science. There is a library and information centre in Nuneaton and another in Hartshill. Click on the links to find out more.

Nuneaton Library and Information Centre

Church St, Nuneaton CV11 4DR

0300 555 8171


Hartshill Community Library

Church Road, Hartshill CV10 0LY

02476 399511