Year 4/5

Year 4/5

PE is on Thursday & Friday

Homework is due in on Friday

Work of the Week

Week 1

Week 1 This piece of work showed a huge improvement in George’s handwriting – something he has struggled with for a long time. It is fantastic to see how much effort he is putting into his work at home and we are hoping this will continue when he comes back to school!

Week 2

Week 2 We really loved this piece of work by Kelsey as she had found such a variety of textures which made for a really interesting finished piece. The colours she chose also made the work even more impressive!

Week 3

Week 3 There are lots of reasons this work stood out. First of all, it was beautifully presented and showed that Seb is still taking pride in his work even at home. It also showed that he had very carefully watched the video and tried very hard to retell the story in detail. It was very enjoyable to read!

Week 4

Week 4 We were really impressed with the amount of detail that Brian had added to this work; it was pleasing to see him putting such effort into his writing when it is not always his favourite subject!

Week 5

Week 5 Brooke has submitted lots of lovely work onto Class Dojo. This piece of work shows just how hard she has been working – limericks are not easy to write and we were very impressed with how much effort she had put into keeping the rhyming pattern correct and even counting the syllables in each line to ensure it followed the correct structure!

Week 6

Week 6 We loved this colourful illusion that Ben created with a 3D effect! We know that it took him a long time and he put a huge amount of effort in; all his work clearly paid off because the end result is fantastic!

Week 6

Week 6 Well we are just so impressed with this score on Holly’s spelling test! Holly often has her own spellings to learn as she does find the class list a bit of a challenge sometimes, but this week, she decided to go for it. She has worked so hard all week learning these very difficult words and she got them all right! We are very proud of you!

Week 7

Week 7 We love the effort Poppy has put into this little comic strip about metamorphosis! It’s so colourful and thoughtfully illustrated, and it tells the story very well – well done!

Week 9

Week 9 This week, I asked the children to create a piece of ‘automatic art’ in the style of artist, Joan Miro. Automatic art is an abstract style where the artist draws whatever they feel. Phoebe’s piece was just so colourful and eye-catching, and really in-keeping with Miro’s style. Well done, Phoebe!

Week 10

Week 10 This week, the children were asked to create a ‘shoe box’ house for some toys. I absolutely loved how creative Ben was with his, especially the TV programme choice in the lounge! As you can see, he put lots of effort into this task and the photo doesn’t even show all of the floors and rooms he made to put in the house. Well done, Ben – great work!

Week 11

Week 11 Kelsey made a lovely poster this week offering services to people that might need help during the Coronavirus pandemic. Well done for being so thoughtful, Kelsey!


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